Shacho Bell is no ordinary business consultant.

Shacho Bell will provide you with tailor-made consulting services and will accompany you step by step through the process of achieving the goals you dream of.

Three wishes of small business owners...

I wish there were 2 of me

I wish there were 2 of me

I should be grateful that I have so much work lined up, and I work so hard, but I can’t seem to see the way to any kind of conclusion.

I wish someone could give me a kick up the backside!

I wish someone could give me a kick up the backside!

Despite all my best laid plans, at the end of the day, where has all the time go? I don’t seem to have done anything…

I wish there was someone who had my back.

I wish there was someone who had my back.

Although I have a goal I want to achieve, I can’t decide where to start and I feel stuck.

We are no ordinary business consultants.

As accompanying consultants, we can help you, the business owner, streamline your working environment so that you can work better, faster, and confidently towards your goal.

With our support, you can overcome

✔ frustration and instead feel uplifted
✔ disappointment through new, fast, and efficient habits
✔ indecision with a clear mindset

In helping you to launch your projects one by one, you’ll see an effortless improvement in working speed, the knock-on effect of which will see a natural increase in sales.

We are not here to provide quick tips to boost sales figures, we want to help you improve your whole business structure, introducing project management methods into even small businesses, step by step. These changes can be made at your own speed, so there is no pressure to do so against your will.

Like a Sherpa who acts as a guide to the top of the mountain we will be with you every step of the way, making your goals achievable through our expert support. This is what we, as accompanying consultants can do for you and your business.

Frustrated → Uplifted

No matter how hard you work, work has been piling up and you are at your limit!
We, the accompanying consultants, visualize how much work you have on your hands, then organize through the prioritizing of tasks. In doing so, you are able to clearly see what needs your attention first and so, more easily manage your schedule. You’ll no longer feel that work is overwhelming you, and instead, will have a free mind, ready to rise to new challenges.

Disappointed → Fast & efficient

You want to get work done the way you have planned, but you don’t seem to be able to do it, which leads to disappointment at the end of the day...
We, the accompanying consultants will create a feasible plan alongside you, based on your workload and then help you with reminders according to the plan. Avoid the trap of too many coffee breaks and feel and see the progress you are making. Enjoy the rewarding sense of a job well done at the end of the day, with all your tasks complete.

Indecisive → clear mind

You have this perfect new business idea but haven’t been able to decide where to start, what to do, and you see no progress at all…
We, the accompanying consultants will listen to your goals, and figure out what it is you want, how you want to achieve it, and clarify what needs to be done. With this knowledge, you can visualize the path to your goal, step by step. You will no longer feel lost but proceed confidently towards your dream.

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